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Pitspone Farm is a dynamic work-in-progress to explore small-scale farming in a suburban setting and serve as a model for other farmers interested in earning money from their small acreage. My focus is intensively grown small fruits and berries.

Buying Berries from Pitspone Farm. I am continually harvesting- from the first haskaps in early June to the last raspberries ending with the first freeze. Each harvest usually sells out quickly, so please contact me if you are interested in a particular berry.

Buying Plants from Pitspone Farm. All the plants I grow and sell (with the exception of figs) are suited to the climate of central NJ. I concentrate on cultivars with good vigor, disease resistance and great tasting fruit.
If you come to the farm to buy plants, you will also be able to see full-grown examples of many of the plants, to help you understand their eventual size and growing characteristics. Because all plants are sold in containers, they can be planted year-round with minimal disturbance. During the fall and early spring I also sell cuttings and ship bare-root plants.
What do I grow? Well, the list is constantly growing: fig, elderberry (canadensis and nigra), red currant, gooseberry, aronia, jostaberry, goumi, saskatoon, raspberry, blackberry, bush cherry, goji and mulberry. I strive to offer numerous cultivars for each type of berry or small fruit so you can see which you prefer. In some instances there is very little difference between varieties. In other instances there is a great deal of difference in appearance, growth habit or flavor of fruit.

Visiting Pitspone Farm. I welcome all visitors though I request to call or email at least a day before you intend to come.