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Pitspone Farm offers the following:

Berries are harvested throughout the season. Because many of the harvest windows are relatively short, it is best to contact the farm early in the season if you are interested in a specific berry. I send out pre-harvest notifications to customers that have indicated an interest in a particular berry.


General harvest times are:

Haskap - mid June

Elderflower - late May/early June

Red currant, Jostaberry, Gooseberry - mid July Elderberry - late July/early August

Aronia - mid/late August


In the late winter and early spring I sell dormant cuttings for elderberry, gooseberry, Jostaberry and red currant. This is a good option for customers interested in starting large numbers of plants inexpensively or those wishing to trial a number of new varieties without spending a lot of money. Prices range from $1.50 - $2.75/ea depending on the variety. Minimum of 10 cuttings per variety.

Because availability changes frequently it is best to contact me regarding requests for cuttings.


For homeowners or farms that want to grow their own berries, I offer an extensive selection of berry plants, including multiple cultivars for each type
of berry.

Plant sales are generally for pickup though I do ship small plants if they are available.

Following is my current availability:
Elderberry: Adams, York, Nova, Scotia, Bob Gordon, Samdal, Sampo, Samyl

Aronia: Viking

Strawberry: Alpine, day-neutral varieties

Beach Plum

Wild American Plum

Gooseberry: Tixia, Hinnomaki Red, Poorman, Josselyn, Black Velvet, Jeanne, Houghton, Captivator

Red Currant: Red Lake

Jostaberry: Josta, Jostine, Jostaki

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