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New Plants for 2020

This season I've added a number of new plants for customers interested in trying something out of the ordinary:

New Haskaps - Boreal Beauty, Boreal Blizzard, Boreal Beast

Chickasaw plum

Beach plum

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Elderberry cuttings for 2020 season

This season I am offering an expanded variety of elderberry cuttings, both Sambucus canadensis (American) and Sambucus nigra (European). Cuttings are $2, with a minimum order of 10 cuttings per variet


I'm starting to get questions about plants for spring so I'm posting my availability here for people to reference. Please contact me for any questions. TOMATO varieties: Sunsugar, Jet Star quart conta


I've been getting a lot of emails asking about elderflower. I sell two kinds of elderflower in the spring - flower clusters from European cultivars and flower clusters from American cultivars. Europea