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I've been getting a lot of emails asking about elderflower. I sell two kinds of elderflower in the spring - flower clusters from European cultivars and flower clusters from American cultivars. European cultivars are very fragrant and they have a lot of uses in creating alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. They can also be used to flavor sorbet or baked goods (think wedding cake from the last royal wedding). Flowers from American cultivars generally have less fragrance and in my experience they are best used for tea, which has a lot of medicinal properties just like elderberries.

The elderflower season is pretty short (about 3 weeks) so if you are interested in elderflower please let me know. I have a notification list that goes out to all those who have asked previously about elderflowers. I send out emails about 2 weeks before harvest so you will have time to let me know if you want to order.

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